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พันธกิจเรือนจำ - - Prison Ministry

About 5 years ago, we received a call from the Nan Provincial Prison requesting AMG leadership to go to the Prison Office for an important and urgent meeting.  Expecting the worst and yet hoping for the best, AMG staff responded to the call. We were told that an inmate requested that all Christian inmates would be given permission to have time to study the Bible at least once a week.

From then up to the present, we have been going to the prison every Friday morning to teach, encourage and to give opportunity for counseling. Every December, we are requested by the Prison Commander to hold Christmas celebrations.  Today, AMGT is recognized by the government and authorized as a partner with the prison institution to help the inmates to prepare to adapt to the society once they have finished serving their sentence.

Inmates come and go as they are also transients depending on their cases. Yet, we praise God for those who have come to know Jesus as Savior, those who are reading the Bible, those who are memorizing  many scripture verses, and those who are learning to sing Christian songs. Some volunteers sing special numbers or recite scripture verses on our Christmas celebrations.

A Vietnamese inmate could not read Thai but by the help of another Christian inmate who would read the Bible to him he memorized over a hundred verses. Some of them have said, “While outside prison, we never went to church and never took time to think of God, but here in prison we always look forward to the time that we can study the Bible and sing praises to God.