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โรงเรียนพระคุณานุบาล - - By Grace School

The poverty condition of the people in Mae Charim mostly refugees from Laos, prompted AMG Thailand to establish the New Hope project. When the refugee camp was about to close AMG set up a childcare center and a feeding program for 160 children including training on personal hygiene and the children were teached from the Bible.

In 1984 the Grace Kindergarten in Mae Charim was approved by the Ministry of Education to operate as a private school.  This kindergarten functioned for the next 22 years serving between 100 and 180 students per year. With the success of the kinder school, the parents in the community saw the need to expand the educational services and asked AMG to set up a primary school for their children.

AMG program purchased a 38,000 sq/m of land and built a 12-room kindergarten and 16-room primary school buildings. The New Hope project and By Grace School supports also other students through sponsorship so that they can attend secondary education at government schools. Currently around 400 children are supported.

The New Hope project serves educational needs of the tribal children and those from Mae Charim. The strong emphasis on Christian values and principles prepare them for life’s challenges ahead.